American Income Life Weekly Leadership Messages

Our most successful Representatives discuss a variety of topics, including how to make the big bucks. Reap the benefits of their knowledge and experience - to help you earn more money!

Develop Yourselves Into Leaders, #AILLA101 Grads

American Income Life Leadership Academy 101

Over a month after #AILLA101, you have all the tools you need to build a solid team, but are you putting your efforts toward the right tasks? Contest Winner London Nelson asked herself the same question earlier this year, and now she’s here to share how she implemented the lessons from Leadership Academy 101 to [...]

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Take Control to Reach #AILLA301

American Income Life Leadership Academy 201

With American Income Life Leadership Academy 201 two months behind you, you’ve had plenty of time to develop a great team and plot a path to your goals. Remember, when it comes to your destiny, you’re the one who has to hold the reins to make sure you stay on track. In case you need [...]

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Dream Big for #AILLA301


You started on the path to leadership because you have big dreams you want to see accomplished. Graduating from American Income Life Leadership Academy 201 put you one step closer to achieving them, but making the next leap forward in your career will take even more effort. SGA Eric Giglione (a.k.a. “Coach Gigs”) is here with [...]

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The Next Stop on the Road to Success: #AILLA201

American Income Life Leadership Academy 201

Believe it or not, three months have passed since you began your exciting leadership journey at #AILLA101. You’ve been busy striving forward since then, working to build a powerhouse team, and implementing your new skills. It’s been said that the road to success is lined with lots of tempting parking spaces. That’s why it’s important [...]

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Get in the Right Mindset for #AILLA201


Two months after #AILLA101, your sights are laser-focused on growing your team and qualifying for American Income Life Leadership Academy 201. Now that you’re taking charge of other people’s success, a much greater load of responsibility is resting on your shoulders, but having a clear, positive outlook could go a long way towards accomplishing your [...]

Leadership  June 22nd, 2015SHARE THIS