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American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

American Income Life Regional Sales Director Scott Dehning

Did you ever participate in a competition where only the best could win? How about a track event? Was the adrenalin really flowing? Were you so tense and geared up to win that if anyone said anything to you, you probably didn’t even hear them? Maybe you have never participated in this type of competition, but I’m sure you have had the opportunity to sit by the starting line and get a close look at the contenders in the competition. First off, perspiration is usually running full force, there are little tics in their facial muscles, the muscles in their bodies are flexing.

This is gut determination – clear evidence that they know they have to win. These contenders have so “hyped” themselves in their determination to win that it is evident in all areas of their bodies. To have this kind of determination, they had to have goals set within them that they would do anything to win….AIM HIGH GOALS!!

As we at American Income Life approach 2013, what are your goals? Do your goals exemplify the very limit of your capabilities? Do they reach as high as possible and still remain believable, desirable and attainable? If they are, that’s good because you have gone for broke by applying the aim-high concept. An aim high concept is extremely important in the setting of goals, and the sports world is our constant reminder of this. The same gut wrenching will to win that every athlete has needs to be instilled in ourselves in 2013 and beyond. It is the year to raise the bar and set and break new records. By applying the aim high concept we can extend ourselves beyond our limitations and go that “extra mile”. The need to succeed is so programmed within us that breaking records is quite naturally the end result.

Here are some thoughts on how to start setting your American Income Life aim high goals for 2013:

1.  Write it down…crystallize your thinking, make sure it is impressed upon your mind.

2.  Give yourself a deadline to achieve your goal. This eliminates the possibility and the tendency to put it off until tomorrow what can be done today.

3.  Most importantly, set your goals and your standards high. The higher you set your standards, the more concentrated your efforts will be in attaining them.

To aim high stimulates your thinking and your will to do. No more effort is required to aim high than is required to accept what you have now. Remember that is a proven fact that people will rise to meet demands that are put on them, especially when these demands are self-imposed.


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