American Income Life Leaders Are The Ones Willing To Do What’s Hard

American Income Life Leader Walking Through Fire

This week’s Weekly Leadership Message is from American Income Life’s VP of Agency and Leadership Development, Larry Strong.

American Income Life Insurance VP of Agency and Leadership Development Larry Strong

American Income Life Insurance VP of Agency and Leadership Development Larry Strong

“People who have given up are ruled by their darkest mistakes, worst failures and deepest regrets. If you want to be successful, then be governed by your finest thoughts, your highest enthusiasm, your greatest optimism, and your most triumphant experiences.” – John Maxwell

Doing What’s Hard

True American Income Life leaders have much in common. One of those things is their willingness to DO WHAT IS HARD. Notice I said, WILLINGNESS not talent, education, experience, etc. WILLINGNESS. True AIL leaders are willing to do what is hard because they muster up the courage to have the hard conversation, be honest with themselves and not deny what is reality. They stare the hard stuff in the face and deal with it.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is doing what needs to done while afraid. Heroes become heroes because they take action others are unwilling to take. The finest action always follows the most willingness.

So, if you want to find out who is a leader and who isn’t, look to see who is doing the easy stuff. It won’t be a leader. Remember the following:

  • It’s easier to settle for average than strive for achievement.
  • It’s easier to be saturated with complacency than stirred with compassion.
  • It’s easier to be skeptical than successful.
  • It’s easier to question than conquer.
  • It’s easier to rationalize your disappointments or performance than realize your dreams.
  • It’s easier to succumb to fear and doubt than exercise faith.

So if you find yourself doing what’s hard, rejoice. If you find yourself doing what’s easy…

Stay Strong! Lead On!

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