American Income Life Methods to Reduce Customers Resistance

American Income Life Methods to Reduce Customer Resistance

American Income Life provides dynamic tools for its Agents, including the Laptop Sales Presentation and detailed training from successful professionals. Even with all of these things, you still may encounter resistance to buying life insurance products.

When faced with objections, here are some good reasons you can give prospects to help change their minds:

  • Guaranteed Income – Life insurance is the only investment that you can be sure of how much income it will bring to your family
  • Recession-Proof – Whole life insurance is almost the only investment that can be paid in its full value in a recession or depression
  • Education – If you die, your kids can put your life insurance money toward their education
  • Guaranteed Value – Whole life insurance guarantees a specified cash value
  • Coverage No Matter What – Life insurance offers financial protection as long as the premiums are paid on time.
  • Your Family – If you died today, would your family be able to keep their house? Pay their bills? Continue living life as they have been?

How do you reduce customer resistance to sales? Let us know what method works best for you!

Please consider reviewing the AIL Laptop on Demand website as well as the Leadership Academy page for great opportunities on management training.

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