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Vince_Lombardi_Leadership at American Income LifeGoogle “leadership quotes” and the results are overwhelming. From authors to politicians, from Napoleon Bonaparte to Vince Lombardi, it seems people from every corner of history have a slew of takes on what makes for exceptional leadership. It begs the question, with so many, often contradictory, takes on leadership, what does it truly take to be a leader at American Income Life? The best person to ask – yourself!

What qualities do you respect in a leader?

Maybe it’s the commitment and care American Income Life’s CEO Roger Smith offers. Maybe it’s the quiet fortitude of Abraham Lincoln. Or maybe it’s even the firm but caring leadership under which your parents raised you. Simply, American Income Life understands that leadership can be developed and strengthened in a wholly personal way. With leadership training and experience, you will develop a leadership style and mantra all your own. Maybe one day your quotes on leadership will pop up in someone’s search results.

And while no two leaders and, just as importantly, no two Agents are exactly alike, we at American Income Life like it that way.

What’s your favorite quote about leadership? Leave a comment below.

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