Believe in Your Success

Believe in Success at AIL and NILICOIn Spotlight, Rob Falvo encourages American Income Life and National Income Life representatives to “believe anything is possible,” especially when it comes to their own success. Rob writes:

“The most powerful determinant of your success is what you believe about your success. Do you want to be successful? Or do you believe you will be successful? And I don’t mean, do you think success is possible? I mean, do you have that feeling deep in your gut that you will experience success? It’s no coincidence that your actions reflect your answers to these questions. You’re not going to commit the energy and time required to reach a goal if you don’t believe you’ll ever actually achieve it. It would be pointless. Success comes in the doing, and if you’re not doing, you’re certainly not succeeding.”

Do you believe in your success?

Source: Spotlight, January 2012, Vol. 45, No. 1

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