Cashing in on Insurance with the American Income Life Products

american income life insurance protectionPeople spend each day preparing for the future. Each milestone the result of hard work and planning, but may put off preparing financially for the inevitable. The top two reasons people purchase life insurance are to pay for final expenses and to help cover the loss of income in the event of an unexpected death. People also purchase life insurance for mortgage protection and to help ensure their children can pay for their education when they die.

With all the different plans and companies out there, how are people supposed to know what best fits their needs? Most people only want to consider price, but premiums can vary depending on overall health or even where they live.

What factors should you review with your customers when presenting the American Income Life products?

  • Benefits;
  • Associated costs;
  • Do they need a Term Life or Whole Life policy;
  • If they died tomorrow, how much would their family need to remain in their home;

Planning final expenses is a difficult experience. Help your customers through it by thoroughly explaining how the American Income Life policy fits their needs.

What other questions have your customers had regarding their final expenses? Comment below and help others prepare for this discussion.

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