Developing Long-Term Customers at American Income Life

American Income Life Customer ServiceHow do the best Representatives from American Income Life develop long-term customers?

In a word: service. There is no better source for repeat sales and referrals than existing, satisfied customers.

To develop more long-term American Income Life customers, be sure to:

  • Write quality business. Use AIL’s needs-based Laptop Sales Presentation to determine the appropriate coverage prospects can afford and will want to keep.
  • Contact your policyholders before their policy anniversaries and on their birthdays.
  • Take time to get to know your prospect. What are his / her hobbies? What does he / she do for a living?
  • Make a commitment to your policyholders. Any worthwhile relationship between a Representative and customer results from the genuine concern about the other’s well-being.

Remember, policyholders put their trust in you when they purchase insurance from American Income Life. Treat your customers how you expect to be treated as a customer.

What’s something you do for your customers that sets you apart from others?

*Material from UA News – March 1998

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