Four Ways to Make the Families You Serve at American Income Life Feel Valued

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Everyone likes to feel valued.

It’s almost universally-appealing, the idea that you as an individual mean something to someone. We as humans thrive on the idea, and as an insurance representative for American Income Life, you should continually thrive on making your customers feel just that – valued, appreciated, and cared for. The result can only be a strengthened relationship with the customer, which in turn brings nothing but positivity for the company and for you. Here are four ways to go above-and-beyond and, in doing so, ensure a productive working relationship with your customer going forward.

1) Remember Something About Them

While talking with your customer, take note (literally, write down) of interesting tidbits throughout the conversation. Did your customer mention their child plays baseball? Did they mention a film they recently saw, or maybe one they’re interested in seeing soon? Listen closely for topics that excite your customer, and be cognizant of family photographs or décor that may indicate family interests. A quick jot of “son plays baseball” or “two German Shepherds” in your notebook could go a long way in establishing an engaging business relationship. Of course, simply bringing up the tidbit at a later date would be nice, but what an Agent should really use that information for is to …

2) Do Something Unexpected

This may only take a moment, but the effects – increased camaraderie with your customer – will last far longer. A simple but effective way to catch your customer off-guard with an unexpected “Hello, thinking of you!” is to forward a relevant news story, article, or even comic strip to your customer. The contents of the message may concern their business, their insurance needs, or just their general life interests. In addition to sending along “sweet nothings” like news articles, be sure to take note of your customer’s birthdays and wedding anniversaries. People have come to expect birthday cards from family and friends – the same isn’t true for their American Income Life insurance Agents, whose well-wishes should be a nice surprise for your customer. Don’t simply try your luck with remembering birthdays — keep an ever-expanding list of your customer’s birthdays, along with a stack of cards.

3) Return calls and e-mails immediately

It’s important for customers to know that whenever they may want to speak to you, you’re available, be it in person, phone, or by e-mail. Technology affords us a tremendous opportunity to be proactive in our communication, and Agents should take advantage of that luxury every day. A well-wishing birthday card will mean nothing if an Agent is unable to keep a customer feeling taken care of year-round. Be immediate with your customers, and never make them feel, even if for only a moment, that their American Income Life Agent is out of reach.

4) Respect their Time

There are only so many hours in a workday, so the less of them we take up from our customer, the better. If there is anything a customer appreciates as much as being valued, it’s efficiency. Getting in, having a productive and fruitful interaction, and then getting out is the key to not only respecting the time of your customer, but increasing your own efficiency along the way. Spend only as much time with each customer as you have to, and then, it’s on to the next one.

Like any other aspect of business, honing your customer service techniques takes time and practice. However, once an Agent is able to apply all of these tips into their everyday sales practices, two things are likely to happen: customers are going to be pleased with the choice they made and the services we provide, and as for the Agent themselves – those premiums are going to keep rolling in.

Are you routinely going above-and-beyond to ensure that your customer feels valued, appreciated, and taken care of? Comment below and share your favorite way to engage a customer.

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