Gratifying Insurance at American Income Life

American Income Life GratificationAs you build your block of business, the payoff takes various forms: instant gratification, long-term gratification, and short-term gratification. It’s just another example of how American Income Life gives you true ‘opportunity unlimited!’

Do this to increase your:
Instant Gratification (advances and bonuses) — Get out there every day and write quality new business.
Long-Term Gratification (renewals) — Work on your reinstatements. Increasing the number of policies that pay into your account shortens the time for you to reach your long-term goals.
Short-Term Gratification (reinstatement bonus) — If you aren’t taking advantage of the reinstatement bonus, what are you waiting for? Make reinstatements part of your goal setting. Ask yourself every day, “Have I reinstated a policy today?”

When you keep these three steps in mind, you’ll build a sturdy block of business that continues to provide you with gratification for years to come!

What kind of gratification drives you the most at American Income Life?

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