How Do We Handle Objections at American Income Life?

customers objections“No. Not interested. I’m not ready to make a decision today. I want to see what else is out there.”

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you’re not alone! Even with the amazing resources American Income Life offers, like the Laptop Sales Presentation, there’s no way to guarantee a prospect will say “yes.” Every sales professional has heard objections at some point in their career. What matters is how you handle the objection.


Don’t let an objection be the pin in your balloon. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost the sale. Look at your prospect’s objection as a new challenge or opportunity. Stay motivated and be positive.


Voicing an objection is really just a way of asking a question. If you think the prospects are stuck on a particular point, it is best to address their question before it turns into a flat-out objection.


By addressing potential objections before the prospects have a chance to ask, they will feel you are listening to their needs. After all, purchasing a product – any product – is all about how it makes you feel. Show the prospect you truly care about what’s most important to them.

5 Tips for Handling the Objection
1. Know your prospects’ personalities and what’s most important to them.
2. Know your products inside and out.
3. Keep your eyes and ears open. Watch for the signs so you can avoid the objection before it even happens.
4. Don’t get mad—get the sale! Welcome the prospects’ objection with open arms.
5. Keep the faith and persevere.

While these are just a few suggestions, maybe you have a tried and true method too good to keep to yourself! Share your tricks of the trade for overcoming objections with the AIL community!

Summit, July 2007

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