Leading The Various Personality Types of American Income Life Agents

American Income Life Leading Various Personality TypesAmerican Income Life Regional Sales Director Ron Newlin’s message definitely makes you realize that in order to get the most out of the people it helps to know what makes them tick….

“Leaders know how to manage all types of people.

You can simply Google “personality types” and get a mind-boggling amount of information. Over my 20 years of recruiting I have read about, and been taught, multiple personality types and categories. I have always found the simpler the tool the more you will use it in your daily life. Below are the best, and simplest, 4 categories I have found that work very well to lead all types of individuals. I have included each type and its description, as well as best tips on how to work with them:

The Fighter

The fighter is results oriented, resilient, determined, fears loss of control, and under stress tends to run over people.

It is important to be clear and specific with this type. Tell them what you want from them and how it will impact them directly. Give them choices and challenge them in positive ways. Overall, do not beat around the bush with them and they will become a valued ally in your agency.

The Counselor

The counselor is a team player, active listener, desires consistency, fears change, and under stress avoids controversy.

Be interested in them and talk in a casual manner to get the desired action. They need more time to make decisions and like to be asked for their opinions. Once they know you have their best interest at heart they will join in and be a great team player for your agency.

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales - Ron Newlin

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales - Ron Newlin

The Dete


The detective is detailed oriented, a perfectionist, motivated by accuracy, fears making mistakes, and under stress becomes pessimistic.

They want details and facts to support your desired actions. Be specific and remain objective at all times. Be very specific about desired expectations and never fail to follow through. Emotion is not highly valued, but facts and figures are will get their cooperation.

The Entertainer

The entertainer is extroverted, enthusiastic, loves recognition, fears rejection, and under stress tends to get overwhelmed.

Be energetic and sell the big picture with lots of sizzle. Details are not important but asking their opinion and dreaming big with them is a must. Once you have sold the dream then you can bring the details of the desires result.

Get better every day at recognizing these types of people and you can become a better leader for every type of person in your agency. This can also make everyone in your agency better in the home since these same concepts will work in sales as well. In this week’s agency meeting go around the room and figure out who you would put in each category. Start working with them using their required communication needs and lead them to the next level today! In the past I printed this out and kept it on my desk to remind me every day to determine the best way to communicate with everyone that walked into my office.”

Can you identify one of these personality types in yourself?

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