Mastering the Skill of Accurate Thinking at American Income Life

American Income Life Regional Sales Director James Driscoll

American Income Life Regional Sales Director James Driscoll

After having attended the recent SGA meeting in Las Vegas, I was inspired by hearing the many accomplishments of the top performing SGA’s at AIL / NILICO. I was affected by the thought provoking stories of Edith Childs from Greenwood, SC, whose single voice became the rallying cry of a Presidential hopeful; and Matt Ficarra, one of our own, the man whose life was changed in an instant. As many of us heard, he has found a possible solution to his current physical limitations.

I was considering, what all of these individuals, from many different walks of life, could possibly have in common with each other. I have identified it was and continues to be accurate thinking.

In spite of all our education and experiences, adverse events are going to come our way. There is no escaping this fact and no getting around it. There is a way that, once developed, will enable us to deal effectively with any and all these events that come our way.

Accurate thinking which is best defined as using our minds, not our emotions, to correctly understand, evaluate and react to events. Reactions based on emotions are the root cause of all thinking errors. Thinking errors like jumping to conclusions, taking things personally and emotional reasoning will magnify the emotional pain of any negative event. Accurate thinking will place any event in proper perspective and is perfected by the ability to spot thinking errors and replacing them with accurately structured thoughts.

The first step in developing accurate thinking is to understand that we are in control of what we think. When our actions are based on emotions the result will always be counter-productive. But when we use our minds to control our emotions we will be able to control our actions as well. This is not only the first step, it is the most important. When we are in control of our thinking, we are in control of our life.

The next step is to understand that we are in control of our outlook on life. It is a fact that our outlook on life is the result of events which induce our thinking; many of these taking place at a young age. Our basic outlook is shaped by our past experiences. Nevertheless, we have the ability to take charge and change our outlook. This is not easy but nor is it impossible. Like a lot of other things it just takes a lot of work. Changing our outlook on life is achieved by always striving to concentrate on the positive rather than the negative. The positive always lifts us up while the negative always tears us down.

We must also understand that we are in control of our attitude. Our attitude determines the person other people see. This is because the difference between attitude and an attitude is a reflection our thinking and our emotions. It’s also important to recognize when our attitude is what it should be, other people will see an upbeat and positive person who is a joy to be around. It is possible to develop the ability to consistently maintain a positive attitude regardless of the events taking place around us. Because our attitude is a reflection of our inner self, once we have gained control of our thoughts and emotions our attitude will automatically follow suit. The benefits of controlling our attitude go far beyond our day to day interaction with others.

We cannot control the actions or attitudes of others. It is always tempting to want to change other people to our way of thinking and acting. The fact is, however, it is impossible to make another think what they don’t want to think, feel what they don’t want to feel, hear what they don’t want to hear or see what they don’t want to see. All we can do is to conduct ourselves in a manner that in time may bring them around to our way of thinking. There is no way to change others until they decide to change themselves.

Accurate thinking is a powerful tool which, along with assertiveness and listening, will enable us to process and remove the emotion of decision making every time. It takes time to perfect but once perfected we are able to control our thoughts, emotions and actions no matter what situation we find ourselves in.

In order to achieve our 190 million in 2013 at American Income Life it will in fact require accurate thinking. It’s time…to get fired up and ready to go!

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