Pump up Your Commissions at American Income Life

pump up your commission at American Income LifeEach day is an opportunity to reach a new plateau in achieving your goals at American Income Life. Want to challenge yourself to make more money every day? Consider these tips to help you prioritize, increase your productivity, and clear your mind of distractions while representing the AIL products.

1. Manage your time effectively. As an Agent at American Income Life, your three primary tasks are appointment setting, presentations, and business conservation. If you’re not performing all of these three tasks, the odds of reaching your goals diminish.

2. Accept what you cannot change. If you can’t change what you don’t like, why waste time and energy trying? Accept it and move on.

3. Know your limits. Unless you want to work 24 hours a day, be selective in sharing your time. You can say “no” without upsetting or offending others simply by the way you say it.

4. Identify what causes you stress. It’s often not the task that’s the problem, but the lack of time to complete it. Consider getting up earlier instead of staying up later. You work more efficiently when your brain is rested. Prioritize and don’t let outside influences distract you.

5. Adopt a healthier lifestyle. Take 30 minutes each day for exercise. It’s good for your brain as well as your body. Physical activity makes you feel good and enables productivity.

6. See things differently. If something is bothering you, make an honest attempt to see it from a different angle. Talking to someone else can help give you a fresh perspective or provide new insight.

7. Prioritize. Cleaning out the garage might be more stimulating than balancing your checkbook, but it’s not nearly as important. Keep what’s important in perspective.

What methods are you using to pump up your commissions in 2012 at American Income Life? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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