Sell More than Insurance at American Income Life

“Don’t sell insurance. Sell what insurance can do.”
-O.B. Smith

It’s 2:15 p.m. Lunch just wrapped up and your third appointment of the day is fast approaching.

The first two appointments of the day both seemed to go great, but for some reason, you were unable to close the deal. “Why?” you ask yourself. “I showed them both Term Life and Whole Life using the Needs-Based Laptop Sales Presentation; I read them the latest statistics; I offered them extraordinary products on a needs-based approach!”

If you’re asking yourself this question, then another question must always follow:  did I sell what life insurance can do?

American Income Life Insurance Policy

American Income Life Insurance Policy

Over the course of a career with American Income Life, many Agents find the most gratifying part of insurance sales is the issuance of claims to families in need. As these rewarding moments continue to come, and as you see firsthand the difference supplemental life and health insurance can make in the life of a middle-income family, store these experiences in your mind. You’ll find they provide positive energy in your personal life, but also add to the ever-expanding toolbox you use throughout your insurance sales career. Just ask Joe Diecedue, State General Agent in Louisiana:

“Four months into my insurance sales career, a 32-year-old wife and mother of two little daughters died in a car accident.  Her husband called to tell me that American Income Life had already paid for the funeral, and that if it wasn’t for my one-hour appointment two months prior, he wouldn’t be able to take off work for the next six months to be with his two grieving daughters.  He thanked me and asked me to come back to his house and add more coverage on him, since he was the only surviving parent … I knew I had made the right decision to join American Income Life after that appointment.”

If you follow Joe’s example, catalog these experiences, and make a routine of selling what insurance can do each and every appointment, your customers get the coverage they need, you close the sale just as you expect, and ultimately, everybody wins … then it’s on to the next appointment, the next presentation of what insurance can do.

Are you simply selling insurance … or are you taking it to another level and selling what insurance can do?

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