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Kevin Dunn - American Income Life Director of New SGA Development

Kevin Dunn - American Income Life Director of New SGA Development

Leading teams into team building conquers the challenge of change. Amendment is the one constant of life, and change undoes the way things are. A team, for instance, is either building or falling apart. A necessary aptitude for true leadership, then, is leading the team into building on never-ending basis. Team building leads a cluster into higher levels of brotherly love, cooperation and interpersonal communication. Even if you merely one other individual that you have got responsibility for leading, that person needs to perceive you on his side to offer his best. Team building is the process of building upon the team-dimension of any relationship. Oneness either grows, or it dies.

Make enhancing teamwork an essential part of your team’s goal as you attempt to lead, bear in mind your quintessential intention to enhance, deepen and strengthen the spirit of “we are on the same team, committed to achieving the same outcome for one another.” Integrate the development of the standard of teamwork into your objective, strategy and tactics. Include it within the vision of the result you share together with your team, and express your worth of teamwork and union by providing regular trainings in team building to your Agency. If you overlook team building by centered completely or excessively on the end result you wish teamwork to accomplish, you neglect the means to your end. This is able to be like a musician neglecting to adequately look after his instrument.

How you think concerning every person or team that you’re accountable for leading is the real “head” of your organization. By leading your own thoughts, you start leading in the most significant way. Thus discipline yourself to think about those you’re accountable for leading as members of your team, and not as your problems, adversaries or competitors. You have to “mentally embrace” them as for you, and not against you, significantly when they demonstrate tough conduct.

Individuals are misunderstanding one another, forming into cliques with adversarial stances toward each other, there looks to be additional blame than downside-solving going on. Let’s say more you know the individuals accountable for this growing air of contention. You might be tempted to think of them as being against you, instead of for you. However, strive for this leadership-for-team-building approach instead.

They have too much integrity to conceal and repress the underlying drawbacks in the organization. They’re not bringing the team “darkness”, but rather they are bringing light-weight in that you’ll be able to lead the team to a solution. Interpret their behavior as an indication of a core-drawback that you wish to deal with for team building. This turns feelings of resentment into gratitude.

Additionally, regard any team problems that arise as an inevitable facet of life’s law of change. The songwriter Bob Dylan wrote, “He not busy being born is busy dying.” We tend to apply this to teams. The team that’s not busy being born is busy dying.  How to lead your team to the next level then: meet with those that are displaying contentiousness, and start by thanking them for bringing to light-weight the fact that there’s clearly an underlying drawback in the organization. Rather, specialize in changing their behavior initially; build their unity and teamwork by asking them to help you to identify the important problem. They’ll, for instance, raise the difficulty that they are being given too much to do in too little time that is making them feel overloaded by the lack of clarity in the communication they are receiving.

This provides you necessary pieces of information for leading the people to higher productivity. This may lead you to alter the demands you place on them, to coach them in higher time management, to refresh their technical skills during training, or to bring the whole organization together for team building training.

Reevaluate the established communication procedures in place, and think about providing who are contentious some interpersonal relationships and communication training.

Maintain a team building attitude to lead most effectively, the leader’s attitude desires to be strongly and deeply rooted in solidarity, particularly when relating with people who have been displaying misconduct. Regard that misconduct as indicative of that individual’s integrity by caring an excessive amount of to act as if everything goes smoothly when it’s not. The misconduct serves you as a visible expression of an invisible downside that you wish to guide your team into solving together to keep the team building.

Instead of referring to a problematic behavior as a hindrance or as a threat to your objective, relate to it as a blessing revealing how you need to create teamwork and oneness to meet the inevitable challenge of change.


Based on an Article\Book of Team Building by: Riley Jones 


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