The Charismatic Leader at American Income Life

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Chris Selejan

American Income Life Regional Director of Sales Chris Selejan

Charisma is often thought upon as a trait that a handful of individuals are born with.  It is a trait that greatly impacts and influences the people that we lead on a daily basis; causes people to become highly committed to the leader’s vision, make significant sacrifices, and to perform above and beyond the call of duty. Charisma is a leadership trait that can be developed and improved upon with conscious effort. Listed are traits and action items of becoming or improving upon the “Charismatic Leader”.

First and foremost, be aware of the four styles of charisma.

Focus- This style is based on perception of presence. Adopt this when you want people to feel like they are the only ones that exist in the room.

Visionary- This style makes other people feel inspired and appearance matter far less than with any other style.

Kindness – This “kind” of charisma comes from our body language and is based mostly on warmth. That said, if you do not combine this style with authoritative skills, you will come off as too over-eager to please.

Authority- This is the most powerful style when compared to the four listed, those that acquire and utilize this style are not likable all the time. One can evaluate this power through four specific indicators: body language, appearance, title, and reaction of others.

Go outside your comfort zone and gain experience.
Intentionally put yourself in uncomfortable situations so that you can deal with internal discomfort more effectively, this way you come across more experienced and as someone who deserves to be honored for his or her fearlessness.

Come prepared.
Make time before a significant event to prepare and warm up, this adds to confidence of the leader and essentially communicates with more conviction and influence. A good example of this trait is coming to the weekly agency meeting or group overview prepared with a significant agenda that has been intelligently thought out.

Listening is just as important as speaking.
A great charismatic leader will wait for others to finish speaking before they start. This shows that you are genuinely interested and committed to sharing your time with that person and that you are someone who is genuinely considerate of others opinions, whether they are considered good or bad. Time is money and if you show you are investing your time in others, they will feel valued by you. When most of us are trying to show that we’re listening, we typically wait for someone to be finished speaking before we start. This is not a sufficient method. Rather, ask them questions.

Balance warm and power persona.
With power comes the chance of delusion. Staying humble and respected is most important. This gives others no real excuses to have ill feelings towards you and can be a characteristic that most would admire. You do not need to be rude and over powering to gain powerful status.

Beware of comparing.
Don’t compare yourself to others. You are showing your insecurities and immaturity through comparison, it’s a low blow. The facts speak for themselves and you would not have to use someone else’s name at their expense if you were confident in yourself. Let the Spotlight magazine compare your organization. People want someone who is sure of themselves, this inspires others to be sure of themselves also and that they can trust that one day you won’t be comparing yourself to them in an unruly manner.

Body language speaks for itself.
Are your arms crossed or are you slouching? Are you yawning or forgetting a firm but not too uncomfortable handshake when you greet others? All of these points are to be taken into account as some forget that the body also talks and that others sub consciously pick up on the language that you present, even when is not leaving your mouth. Be careful how you stand and present yourself around others.

Compliment early and often.
Make the other person in the room feel like a million bucks. Compliment their intelligence, their attire or their achievements. This will make people feel confident in your presence and will link that likeable feel good feeling to when they were hanging out with you. Not only that, If you have made them feel good about themselves, it usually is a reciprocated feeling, so you will also feel great and it will show as it comes off that big pearly white smile on your face.

Charismatic qualities are very similar to those found in transformational leadership roles. Transformational leadership is a type of leadership style that leads to positive changes in those who follow. Transformational leaders are generally energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. Not only are these leaders concerned and involved in the process; they are also focused on helping every member of the group succeed as well. Consequently, charismatic leaders can lead organizations into new areas, inspire followers, and sometimes obtain extraordinary performance and results from an organization. In the end, charismatic leaders fill a void within the psyche of individuals.

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Chris Selejan is a Regional Director of Sales at American Income Life Insurance Company. Find him on Google+

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