The Different Hats of the American Income Life Agent

American Income Life Sales AgentAs an American Income Life insurance agent, you’ll often find yourself wearing many hats.

There’s the “Organizer” hat – the one in which you’ll put on most every morning as you map out prospect lists and route your daily meetings.

Then there’s the “Informer“ hat, which you’ll don as you walk prospects through the American Income Life policies that provide the best protection for themselves and their family.

In addition to the company softball team cap, there’s one other hat that the most successful Agents wear on a week-in, week-out basis: that of “Recruiter.”

Insurance companies are always – always – on the lookout for enthusiastic go-getters; namely, those that are extroverted, passionate about helping others, and licensed to sell insurance in a given state.

Like a ferocious military, insurance agents rely on a divide-and-conquer tactic of sorts to branch out, interact with the highest number of prospects possible, and turn those interactions into premiums for the Agent and success for company. But, as any history buff knows, militaries are only as strong as their weakest link, which is why insurance companies exclusively seeks those who prove dedicated and loyal to the task at hand: providing protection to middle-income Americans.

The individual recruiting process is a proven success when it comes to expanding an insurance company and increasing its number of policyholders. Additionally, the inclusion of another quality Agent is sure to reflect well not only on the company itself, but others as well: the original recruiting Agent, the state general agent – heck, the whole agency is sure to reap the benefits of yet another high-performer being part of the sales team by:

1) Creating a Talent Pool
With a hearty selection of candidates, your manager will be able to select the very best fit for the job. Plus, having already met the applicant through your own personal recruitment, you’ll be able to potentially provide tips and feedback throughout the selection process.

2) Reducing the Probability of Quick Turnover
Just about any time a company hires someone, their hope is that the new hire is in it for the long haul. Not surprisingly, insurance Agents are no different. Through personal recruitment, you’ll be able to assess just how passionate an individual may be at the prospect of a career in insurance sales. Did you get the idea that they are eager to get started, or did they seem less-than-thrilled at the prospect? All of this is valuable information in finding the best colleagues for yourself and the best Agents for your American Income Life agency.

3) Spreading the Name
Every day presents a new opportunity to increase your company’s presence and, in turn, increase its sales. Simply carrying business cards and passing them along to family and friends is a great way to familiarize someone with American Income Life and, more importantly, the AIL products.

4) Expanding Individual Opportunities
Sure, being an Agent is great, but maybe in a couple of years you’d like to manage your own team of agents. For those looking to move up, there is no better way than being your own personal recruitment team. Bringing other driven sales representatives on board shows that you not only care about your own personal well-being in the workplace, but the agency as a whole – it’s an undeniable sign of leadership, and one that could pay rich dividends when you get a call into your state general agent’s office one day. Take pride in American Income Life, and take advantage of the many opportunities that it presents for individual success. In doing so, you’ll find that your wallet will grow nicely over time. Plus, that “Recruiter” hat looks good on you.

What recruiting practices have you found to be beneficial as an insurance Agent? Comment below and share your knowledge.

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