Tips for Success at American Income Life

American Income Life tips for successThe key to being a successful salesperson at American Income Life is activity. It’s not enough to just want a successful sales career; you have to go for it! Combine your active motivation to succeed with the following tips:

  • Answer you customers’ calls efficiently, and always contact them within 24 hours
  • Create an atmosphere of trust
  • Be aware of how your customers act around you. If you notice they’re uncomfortable, try a new sales tactic
  • Send cards for your customers’ birthdays or call them just to say, “Hi”
  • Be professional – dress and act how you want to be perceived. There’s no second chance for a first impression

Always try your hardest to make the customer feel comfortable and important!

What tips do you have for new American Income Life Representatives? What has helped you increase your activity from month to month? Comment below and share your knowledge!

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