Training Your Mind To Be A Great American Income Life Leader

Brain lifting weight to train to be American Income Life leader

In this week’s Weekly Leadership Message from American Income Life’s VP of Field Operations Dominico Bertini we learn how to mentally prepare to be the leader that your organization needs you to be in order for it to succeed.

Dominico Bertini - VP of Field Operations for American Income Life/National Income Life

Dominico Bertini - VP of Field Operations for American Income Life/National Income Life

Create a Big Vision

To become a motivating American Income Life leader – one who your agents want to follow – you have to start with motivating yourself first. Do that by striving toward excellence, by committing to become everything you can and want to become. Motivate yourself by helping your AIL agents improve their lives and achieve their goals. Take complete control of your personal evolution and become a leader in every aspect of your life. Settle for nothing less. If you feel you are not able to motivate your agents it may be that you are not thinking big enough, therefore the vision you are projecting is a small vision that others can’t or don’t want to see. Motivate yourself with a big vision, and as you get closer to its realization, you will be able to motivate and enthuse others to follow your vision.

Set High Standards

You must set a standard of absolute honesty and integrity in everything you do and say. Remember that your agents joined American Income Life and, particularly, your organization primarily because they want to be like you, because they admire you and respect you. You must set standards that they aspire to. When you live and conduct business by your standards your agents will feel confident in giving you their support and commitment.

Face Your Fears

When you face doubts and uncertainties by moving forward regardless of the outcome, you have demonstrated courage. Put up a good front no matter what your anxieties are. Keep your fears and doubts to yourself, don’t burden others in your agency with them. Just push yourself constantly out of your comfort zone and in the directions of your goals. Henry Ford said that “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” No matter how bleak the situation might appear, stay the course and put a smile on your face.

Be Realistic About Your Situation

Don’t be delusional or play mental games with yourself or the agents in your team. The more realistic you are the more you encourage them to be realistic and objective about their situation. In this way they will accept the truth that there’s a price to pay for everything they want to achieve in American Income Life Insurance Company or your agency. They will know that there are weaknesses to overcome and standards to meet, if they want to survive and become successful at what we do.

Accept Responsibility

Manage activity and assume responsibility for results. Never blame others, hold grudges or make excuses. Say these words to yourself everyday: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Take Vigorous Action

Ultimately you have to take action. All this mental preparation is for you to be ready to take vigorous action. In the final analysis, it’s not what you say, but what you do that counts. True leaders lead the action, they always go first, they’re always the role model in the organization and set the example, they always do what they expect their agents to do.

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