Use the Bell Curve When Presenting American Income Life Products

At American Income Life, the Laptop Sales Presentation is a very powerful tool. Most people respond best when something is explained to them visually. With that in mind, when you talk about life insurance to your customer, use a Bell Curve illustration to help the family visually understand the concept of the life cycle and how it relates to the changing need for life insurance.

The illustration highlights the milestones in life, and shows that insurance needs change depending on where your customer is on the curve. The need for insurance and the benefit amounts should increase or decrease – like the shape of the Bell Curve – as your customer’s earning potential and responsibilities increase or decrease. This gives American Income Life insurance representatives an opportunity to sell additional products to existing customers throughout their lives.

The day your prospect was born he developed a need for final expense coverage. But, life insurance is not something he consciously thought about for the next few decades while growing up. When he became an adult, however, that likely changed as he hit new milestones in the life cycle. Is he married? Does he have children? Does he own a home? Does he have someone depending on him for income? If he answers, “yes,” to any of these questions, the need for life insurance increases dramatically. After all, life can change in a heartbeat! Your customers need to be prepared!

Will his death and the loss of his income negatively impact those who depend on him financially? You bet it will! Having appropriate life coverage in place will help to take care of his family financially.

What matters most is that your customers purchase life insurance – no matter where they are in the life cycle! But, by educating customers on their changing needs, you can present additional products throughout their lifetime.

Have you used the bell curve to talk to prospects about life insurance? Comment and tell us how it went!

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