Using Objections as Opportunities at American Income Life

American Income Life sales opportunitiesYou’re 20 minutes in to the meeting, and feelin’ good – saying all the right things, presenting the product in all the right ways. With each utterance, your confidence grows stronger, like a rolling snowball quickly amassing girth. But then, it happens:

“I don’t have room for this in my budget right now, but thank you.”

You smile politely, thank the customer for their time, and with that, resign yourself to an unsuccessful sale.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At American Income Life sales objections should never be seen as roadblocks, red flags, or stop signs. Rather, they must be recognized by Agents as opportunities – opportunities to learn more about a prospect, more about specifics of their current situation, and more about why life and supplemental health insurance may, or may not, be right for them.

Invite prospects to share more about their situation with you, and listen closely. In doing so, you’ll be enhancing the relationship, along with establishing mutual trust that may go a long way in turning a sale that was once on the rocks into a potentially profitable success. By inviting the prospect to tell you more, you are in turn validating their opinion, all while hearing their exact concerns about anything and everything. More information – especially straight from the mouth of the prospect – can never hurt the chances of a sale, only strengthen it.

In addition, take note of the following sales techniques – their implementation could be crucial in transforming a reluctant customer into a returning customer:

1) Ask Open-Ended Questions
In asking questions that can’t be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” the prospect is left to explain details, giving a far better indication of the root of the objection. When inquiring if the prospect can realistically afford a certain policy, ask, “Can you give me a little detail about your current financial status?” With such specifics on the table, the Agent should have a much more thorough idea of how to reach an agreement with that individual prospect.

2) Show Persistence with Follow-up Questions
Don’t put unneeded pressure on your prospects. If reluctance is voiced on their end – for example, if they say something along the lines of “I’m going to need to think this over” – then respect that choice while continuing to make you and your wealth of information available. Reply with, “What else can I answer for you right now,” or “What other concerns might you have?” Prove to your prospect that even though you may not be hitting a home run, you’re eager to do whatever it takes to help them and their family.

3) Choose Your Words – and Tone – Wisely
Being relaxed is key. While making a sale may be a high-pressure situation for some American Income Life Agents, it’s important to relay a sense of calm and relaxation toward your prospect. Speak slowly and informally, like you’re discussing the importance of life insurance with an old buddy as opposed to a daunting stranger. Reply to concerns with a calm and confident “That’s not a problem.” More often than not, concerns can be resolved, so on top of being truthful, the “that’s not a problem” phrase is appealing to prospects in that it confirms whatever they may be saying, while defusing tension that may be holding back further – and perhaps more fruitful – dialogue.

All objections are temporary. The important thing is possessing the right mindset and the proper training, and soon thereafter, Agents will learn that confronting objections is – as we tell our customers at American Income Life – really no problem at all.

What techniques have you found effective in combating sales objections during your American Income Life presentations? Comment below and share your knowledge.

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