What Does Life Insurance Have To Do With Love?

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Ben Stein, most famous for his dry wit, recently wrote an article about his experience with life insurance. In the article he talks about the root of his fondness for life insurance: his personal relationship with his wife. Ben Stein also makes a point to mention that people in love should want to get life insurance for their partner because they care.

Think about this: if you are fortunate enough to find the one person out there who completes you, the one you can refer to as your ‘better half,’ then you want to make sure that person is taken care of if something happens to you.

That’s why Ben Stein is such an advocate of life insurance. As someone who has made a career on television and movies (Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? … ), Ben Stein and his wife have gotten used to a certain lifestyle. This is not to say that they spend their money irresponsibly- in Stein’s own words, they don’t “Drive Bentleys, or wear tiaras or Rolexes”- they just live comfortably.

But as the main breadwinner of the household, Ben Stein reflects on what would happen to his wife if he died before she did. And, after a bit of thoughtful remorse on how her life would be, Stein decides that the only thing he can give her after he passes is help with financial support. He plans to leave her with enough money to live out the rest of her life with less financial worry.

Doesn’t everyone want a spouse with this level of devotion? Stein refers to it as a “Moral duty for husbands to do something like this for their wives and minor children.” He then talks about the men and women who can make this happen: life insurance Agents.

American Income Life Agents who sell life insurance are selling what Ben describes as “The most basic freedoms of human beings: freedom from fear, and freedom from want.” It’s an AIL Agent’s duty to make sure their clients can provide for their beneficiaries. To do this, all the American Income Life Agents have to do is help their clients pick an appropriate and beneficial plan.

If you step back and look at the big picture, sales don’t motivate the best American Income Life Agents. AIL Agents who are successful most likely understand exactly what they’re providing: it’s the legacy of the insured. To quote Mr. Stein again: “If husbands could take a moment to foresee what their potential widow’s lives would be like without their regular paycheck, their very next call would be to their insurance agent.”

The next time you’re in a client’s home, remember that.

Source:  http://www.newsmax.com/BenStein/Ben-Stein-lifeinsurance-family/2010/10/25/id/374784#ixzz1WjR3IETM

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