American Income Life at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California

American Income Life at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CaliforniaJust about an hour drive from the city of San Francisco, California, is the city of San Jose, known as one of the largest cities in the state, and home to numerous historical and cultural attractions.

American Income Life Learns the Legend

One of the more mysterious attractions in San Jose is the Winchester Mystery House. Recognize the name? The mansion was home to the widow and heir of William Winchester’s Winchester rifle company fortune, Sarah Winchester.

From the first day of construction, which continued 24-hours a day, seven days a week, until her death, Sarah claimed the house was home to spirits that were out to seek their revenge.

Reliving the Legend During Convention

Legend has it, after her husband’s passing, Sarah fell into a depression. She began seeing a psychic who informed her that her fortune and new home were haunted. Somehow Sarah was convinced that continuously building a house for the spirits of the ghosts who had fallen victim to Winchester rifles would make them leave her alone.

Sarah felt no ghost could settle in an unfinished home, and incorporated her obsession with the number 13 in everything from chandeliers to sink drains. She developed strange and paranoid habits. She would never sleep in the same room two nights in a row to confuse spirits of her location, and she wore a black veil all day every day, which gave her quite the reputation. Some thrill seekers feel the distraction of ceaselessly building, remodeling, and tearing down the mansion was the perfect thing to distract Sarah from her grief and depression. Others feel she was simply crazy.

The seven story mansion, with 160 rooms, is now a tourist attraction and museum. Throughout the house, the lack of livability and structure is very apparent from the doors which lead to nowhere, windows in the floor, and staircases that suddenly end.

Scared yet? You can visit the haunted Winchester Mystery House yourself during #AILConvention2014. Do you dare scale the front steps to see what legend lies behind the mansion walls? Happy Halloween!


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