American Income Life Convention Tunes Into San Francisco’s Wave Organ

American Income Life Convention in San Francisco

As you hit San Francisco for American Income Life Convention this week, be sure to have a rocking playlist cued! But if you want to relax with a more soothing soundtrack, head to the Marina District in San Francisco Bay to check out the Wave Organ, an unusual structure that plays notes as the tide changes.

Giving Sound to the Tides in San Francisco

Billed as an ‘acoustic sculpture,’ the Wave Organ mesmerized visitors when it opened in 1986. The Wave Organ was recently revitalized in 2010. A demolished cemetery provided most of the granite and marble needed in construction, giving the Wave Organ the appearance of ancient ruins. A series of 25 pipes connected within the structure provide haunting sounds to listeners. As the tide rises and falls, the waves splash against one end of each pipe and cause different tones to echo. Tourists can climb around the area or sit in various spots to unwind while listening to a tempo composed by Mother Nature.

Explore San Francisco at American Income Life Convention!

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