American Income Life Visits Fort Funston

American Income Life Visits Fort FunstonWant to catch a killer sunset or see San Francisco from an utterly awesome viewpoint? Fort Funston is a destination you should look into for #AILConvention2014.

Fort Funston Historical Importance

The federal government used the Funston Fort area to establish the Lake Merced Military Reservation to assist in coastal land defense of the San Francisco Bay area. The former defense fort kept 16-inch guns of Battery Davis and Nike missiles. The area became protected within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and was named after U.S. Army General Frederick Funston*.

Go Explore, American Income Life!

Fort Funston has 200-foot high bluffs on its coast. Feel the wild winds all around you and watch the hang-gliders take off and land all along the coast. The trails, the native Plant Nursery, and epic scenery make the spot perfect for hiking, jogging, or even horseback riding!

See the unique and colorful plants that have adapted over time to grow out of the sand dunes. From June until August (perfect timing for Convention) the Bank Swallows raise their young chicks in the sandstone cliffs around the area.

Want to see for yourself? Grab your tennis shoes and hit the trails! Enjoy the wildlife and spectacular views.

*, 2013

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