Celebrating American Income Life Top PR Representatives

We’re continuing to make posts detailing the American Income Life’s 58th Annual Awards Presentation at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in California a few weeks ago. Today we’re sharing news about the winners in the Top PR Representatives category. American Income Life honors its top PR representatives each year, because PR teams can only be as strong as the representatives who comprise them.

It is their contributions which ensure the continued growth of American Income Life insurance agencies. There are three categories–A, B and C–in which there are second and first place honorees, for a total of six outstanding individuals who were honored for their contributions to their individual PR teams and in turn, the American Income Life Insurance Company as a whole.

For category C, the second place honoree Mr. Don Spohn is from the state of Ohio, and he has been with AIL sine 1978. In 2008 he ended a successful year with 84 groups signed. In first place in Category C is Mr. Ken Altizer, from West Virginia, who joined American Income Life in 1996 and closed the 2008 year with 135 groups.

In Category B, the second place honoree is Ms. Robin Andrade of Massachusetts, who has been with AIL since 1993 and who finished 200 with 37,001 cards, a fact which also makes her the #2 card producer for 2008. The first place honoree in Category B, Mr. Al Wall, ended 2008 with 39,819 cards to his credit, making him the highest card producer for 2008. Mr. Wall is from Ontario and has been with American Income Life since 1998.

For Category A, the second place PR Representative, Ms. Rona Pileggi Spano of Illinois joined AIL in 1991 and produced 27,475 cards in 2008. Top honoree in Category A for 2008 is Ms. Brenda Di Somma of New Jersey, who was been with the American Income Life for 19 years and produced 27.782 cards this year.

We’re proud to call these men and women a part of the American Income Life Insurance team and look forward to seeing even bigger years to come in their bright futures.

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