Discovering the Bay with American Income Life

Discovering the Bay with American Income LifeThe Aquarium of the Bay could make for the perfect outing during #AILConvention2014 in San Francisco for sales representatives traveling with their families. With a variety of performances, sea life, and potential animal encounters, the aquarium is fun and entertaining for all.

3D films about San Francisco, the ocean, and our impact on the environment alternate showing throughout the day. Okeanos, A Love Letter to the Sea, is the aquarium’s dance feature intended to educate viewers about conservation of the ocean and its many underwater mysteries. Want a special behind the scenes tour? The Aquarium of the Bay can make it happen, getting you close to some of the most popular exhibits and sea creatures. If you’re brave enough, you might get to feed a shark! While you’re there make sure to visit the newest critter exhibition, Otters: Watershed Ambassadors, which opened earlier this summer.

Go to for more information or to order tickets online. What marine life do you want to learn more about or have the fortune to come face to face with?

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