Jump on a Cable Car with American Income Life

Jump on a Cable Car with American Income LifeTravel the hilly streets of San Francisco at #AILConvention2014 in a fun and historical way!

Cable cars emerged in San Francisco in the late 1800s when Andrew Smith Hallidie witnessed an accident involving horse-drawn streetcars. With Hallidie’s father as the patent holder for manufactured wire-rope, he developed an idea to carry cable cars with use of the heavy-pulling rope.

In 1878, the California Street Cable Railroad Company was formed and began cable car service in the city. In 1906, much of the city’s cable car company was destroyed by San Francisco’s Great Earthquake. In 1964 the cable cars were declared a moving National Historic Landmark and citizens of San Francisco have fought to keep the landmark intact and operational throughout history*.

Today, riders can reach a variety of destinations via cable car. Want to check out the museum and take a firsthand look back at the progression of the California Street Cable Railroad Company?  Visitors can see machinery from the early days and watch the cable as it enters the sheave room returning underneath the city streets.

Jump in and hang on! Where in San Francisco will you go by cable car?

*cablecarmuseum.org, 2013

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