Navigating Lombard Street with American Income Life

Navigating Lombard Street with American Income LifeWant to check out the ‘Crookedest Street in the World’ during #AILConvention2014? Historically, Lombard Street in San Francisco was too steep for cars to travel. Today, tourists from all over the world fasten their seatbelts and brave the winding road. If you’re daring enough, you can drive from the top of the hill to the bottom!

You may recognize the street, as it’s been featured in a variety of television shows and movies. Lombard Street is visually unique, lined with seasonal flowers, and offers great views of the city’s most famous sights. It’s an east to west-running street, complete with a tight, one-block section with eight sharp corners. Located in the middle of a residential area, the street is cluttered with tourists and photographers throughout the day.

While you don’t have to stay on Lombard Street for very long to capture some great photos with unique angles, meet other sight-seers, and explore this renowned tourist attraction, it’s a great chance to see what all the hype’s about and learn more about the city. Want to see the road for yourself?

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