Preparing for New Orleans with American Income Life

Preparing for New Orleans with American Income LifeHave you started packing for #AILConvention2013 yet? We’ll be headed to The Big Easy before you know it! The basics aren’t hard to remember to pack, but we thought of some other items that might be easy to forget.

Do you have books, your laptop, and magazines you might want for the plane? You may want to have a fun New Orleans inspired playlist ready to go on your iPod! Did you remember your iPad? Your camera is an absolute must to capture NOLA from every angle and document fun times and friendships along the way. (Don’t forget chargers for any of these electronics!) It’s important to be sure to pack comfortable shoes and bring any important prescriptions you might need.

There are also basic things to remember to do before leaving the house, like watering your plants and making arrangements for the pets. Check the weather a couple of days before the trip to make sure you packed the best clothing options for the New Orleans’ climate.

Visit the American Income Life convention website for additional travel suggestions and information. Attire guidelines for the convention can also be found here.

Can you think of any other easy-to-forget items we forgot to list?

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