Trip Tips For AIL/NILICO Convention in Miami

Are your bags packed and ready to go?

Travel tips for this year's American Income Life/National Income Life Convention

If you’re anything like us, you have had barely any time to even prepare to travel to this year’s American Income Life/National Income Life Convention in Miami.  The thought itself can be a little overwhelming!  Don’t fret though; we’ve put together a convention travel guide with some great tips so you can focus more on enjoying your trip instead of letting your travels trip you up.

  • Beware of Bag Fees: The first thing you might want to check prior to packing is the travel regulations of your airline company.  Save money on your travels to this year's AIL/NILICO Convention in MiamiDepending on your carrier, you will get charged up to $25.00 to check a bag and another $20.00 to $50.00 for a second bag – each way!
  • Early Check-In: Most airliners allow you to check-in online up to 24 hours before your departure.  After checking in you can go ahead and print your boarding pass and even have it sent to your phone.  If you’re not checking a bag, this will allow you to just head to security.
  • Pick Your Seat: Did you know that some airlines allow you to change your seat online?  You can visit to check out the best and worst seats for your flight.Go online to help make your travel to this year's AIL/NILICO Convention go smoothly.
  • WiFi Access: If you want to access the internet during your flight, has partnered with many airlines to provide WiFi mid-flight!  Purchase before your flight to take advantage of discounted offers.
  • Plan Ahead: Miami is a fancy shopping destination, if you plan on spending time in the boutiques, make sure you save some space in the suitcase.
  • Don’t Procrastinate: Once you are comfortably settled into the hotel room – unpack! Don’t live out of your Avoid stress during this year's American Income Life Convention by unpacking after you get to your hotel room.suitcase for the next 3-4 days especially when bringing all that nice business attire. After all you don’t want to spend hours ironing; there are way more fun things to do!

Also, don’t forget, American Income Life has worked really hard to create this beautiful and very-detailed website,, to keep you posted on the most important events for the day and give you live news and updates. Make sure you visit us regularly so you can plan and organize your time better.

Do any of you other experienced travelers have more tips for those new jetsetters going to this year’s AIL/NILICO Convention?

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