American Income Life – Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you’re as excited for Thanksgiving as we are! It’s time for some delicious turkey and pumpkin pie! Thursday is the perfect occasion to celebrate the Opportunity Unlimited with American Income Life, your many successes throughout the year, and a chance to look forward to what the future of your career has in store.

American Income Life – Happy Thanksgiving!

American Income Life – Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a random Thanksgiving fact. Did you know the world’s largest pumpkin pie was made in New Bremen, Ohio, at the New Bremen Pumpkinfest on September 25, 2010? It weighed a hefty 3,699 pounds and measured 20 feet in diameter*.

American Income Life is Thankful

Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. The opportunity to provide insurance to working class families and the chance to make a great living for yourself and your family is something to be truly thankful for. With so many Americans looking for new career options, this is the time of year to boost recruiting efforts and code more Agents.

Take advantage of the holiday and develop your goals for 2014. Share the goals you set with your friends and family. Accountability from your loved ones can help keep you on the right track and moving forward towards success.

Happy Thanksgiving! Kick back and enjoy some great food and football. What are your goals for 2014? Where do you see yourself this time next year?

*, 2013

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