American Income Life in Canada!

American Income Life in Canada!

American Income Life in Canada!

Did you know that American Income Life has offices in Canada? Altig-Orlovic, Imran Satti, and Brian Traboulay have the chance to extend helpful coverage outside of the United States to help working class families receive the coverage they need.


Canada shares a border with the United States and is made up of 10 provinces and three territories. The country is ethnically diverse due to the large amount of migration from other countries. Canada is the second largest country in area and has coastlines on the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific Oceans. It has the longest coastline of any country*. Hockey and lacrosse are Canada’s most popular sports, and English and French are the primary languages spoken there.

American Income Life Offices

What’s your favorite destination in Canada? To learn more about Altig-Orlovic, Imran Satti, or Brian Traboulay visit their American Income Life SGA websites today!

*, 2013

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