American Income Life in Long Beach, California


American Income Life in Long Beach, California

American Income Life in Long Beach, California

Surf’s up! Have you been to Long Beach? You know, the unique city located on the Pacific Coast in the great state of California, surrounded by gorgeous beaches stretching as far as the eye can see?

Long Beach

Home to one of the world’s biggest shipping ports, the city is just miles from downtown Los Angeles. Known for its awesome oceanfront surroundings, Long Beach is where you’ll find various popular attractions, historical sites, and even filming locations for some of television’s most popular shows. (Shows like The O.C., Joan of Arcadia, Dexter, and Glee have filmed within the city limits. Major films such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Freedom Writers were also filmed in Long Beach.)

From major shopping venues to various areas of interest, Long Beach provides entertainment and a unique environment for residents and visitors. Whether you want to visit the Aquarium of the Pacific, go whale watching, or climb aboard the legendary Queen Mary ocean liner, Long Beach provides tons of entertainment and great tourism opportunities.

American Income Life Careers

If you’re in the Long Beach area, the American Income Life Cohen-Cohen office might be the place for you! Want to be a part of a great sales team protecting American working class families? Visit the Cohen-Cohen State General Agent website today!

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