American Income Life in Los Angeles, California for E3

Ask any gaming enthusiast what special events happen in Los Angeles and they’re sure to mention the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. That’s right – not only can you find one of the Cohen-Cohen American Income Life Offices in Los Angeles, but during early summer, you can also find one of the world’s biggest video game events!

American Income Life Los Angeles E3

E3 Excitement in Los Angeles

Held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 is an annual trade fair for computer and video games where several video game publishers show off their upcoming games and hardware. The event is open only to professionals in the video game industry, but don’t worry if you don’t qualify because fans at home can watch various press conferences via video streams on one of their favorite gaming news sites. Over the course of three days, E3 attendees typically enjoy attending exclusive industry parties, collecting awesome swag from some of their favorite companies, and being the first to play highly anticipated video game titles.

Level Up with American Income Life in Los Angeles

While you’re in Los Angeles, swing by the Cohen-Cohen American Income Life Office and see what kind of awesome opportunities are waiting for you there. A career with American Income Life could be just the thing to help you level up in life.

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