American Income Life Leadership Academy 101 is the Cat’s Meow

Emerge a Lion at American Income Life Leadership Academy

If you’re headed to McKinney, TX, for American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 101, get ready to emerge a lion … and we’re not kitten! It’s time for fierce training, fabulous food, and plenty of chances to network with fellow #AILLA101 attendees (there may be some dancing involved, but you didn’t hear it from us …).

Learning to Lead with American Income Life

No matter where you’re traveling from, you’ll find the leadership training event of a lifetime here in Texas. So, prepare to take notes, shake hands, and snap a few pics with your new Leadership Academy friends.

What to expect this week at American Income Life’s Leadership Academy:

  1. Stellar training from industry experts like VP Steve Kafkis and EVP Rob Falvo. These guys know what they’re talking about, and you’ll get the lion share of their wisdom. Better yet, you’ll have the chance to meet them and maybe take some sweet pics you can post to Instagram!
  2. Speaking of Instagram, did you know we’re having an Instagram contest that wraps at Leadership Academy? That’s right, we have all kinds of awesome incentives to get your Social Media on! You’ll hear more on that tomorrow.
  3. Get ready for electric energy. Sure, the gallons of Red Bull we have ready for you will have you alert and fired up, but the energy you’ll gain from outstanding speakers and invaluable takeaways can’t be found in a can.

Pumped yet? Then, get here! Introduce yourself below, and let us know what Office you hail from!

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