American Income Life SGA Matt Henderson in Daytona, Florida

American Income Life SGA Matt Henderson in Daytona, Florida

American Income Life SGA Matt Henderson in Daytona, Florida

You can find American Income Life SGA Matt Henderson at his office in the Sunshine State of Florida. Daytona Beach is located within driving distance of Jacksonville and Orlando. Did you know the sand is packed tightly enough on Daytona Beach that vehicles can drive over certain areas of the sandy shores?

Daytona Beach prides itself on motorsports and is home to the Daytona International Speedway. It’s safe to say Daytona is most widely recognized as the headquarters for NASCAR and the Grand American Road Racing Association.

American Income Life on the Beach

Within the city there are numerous National Historic Places and points of interest. Daytona hosts the Annual Turkey Run and is a great destination for shopping, nightlife, cultural events, and sporting activities. Some of the most popular attractions include the Ponce Inlet, the Marine Science Center, Halifax Historical Museum, the Boardwalk, Lighthouse Point Park, and the Riverfront Marketplace.

Take a drive down scenic highways, see the ocean from a helicopter, go on a kayaking adventure, charter a fishing boat or yacht, explore the shores, dive and explore the underwater world, play a round of golf, or participate in any watersports along the coast.

Notable past and present residents of Daytona Beach include NASCAR founder Bill Frances Sr., Olympic medalist Ryan Lochte, and Dallas Maverick Vince Carter.

Whether you want to catch a NASCAR race or spend relaxing, quality time on the beach, Daytona is a fun city to work and play in.

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“Don’t doubt your ability to do things you’ve never done before,” Matt says to anyone interested in a career with American Income Life.

Want to know more about what a career with American Income Life could be like for you? Check out Matt’s SGA website to learn more!

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