American Income Life’s Roger Fung in San Francisco, California

American Income Life’s Roger Fung in San Francisco, CaliforniaThe city of Burlingame, California, is a suburb of San Francisco consisting of approximately 28,000 people. Burlingame, also referred to as the City of Trees, is known for its high residential quality of life*.

Burlingame captures a traditional small town feel around Downtown Burlingame Avenue, on Broadway, at the Farmers Market, at any of the many boutique shops and old-fashioned bakeries.

Before beginning a career with American Income Life, Roger was a research assistant in the field of fiber optics and worked as a computer draftsman. He wanted to be a part of the Company because he saw unlimited earning potential. Roger realized the more he helped others, the more money he’d make.

“The most rewarding aspect of AIL is getting to see those who follow in my footsteps become successful.  The Company provides a good vehicle to be financially independent and help people along the way,” Roger says.

To get more information about Roger and his new Agency in Burlingame, visit his SGA website!

* 2013

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