Get A Grip On Sales With Agent Summer Body Workout – Week 3: Hand Grip Squeezes

American Income Life Agent Summer Body Workout - Week 2

Thanks to all the people who’ve contacted us with their progress and increased sales! It’s awesome this is working for you! Let’s continue with the next installment of the Agent Summer Body Workout: Hand Grip Squeezes.

Have you ever had a clammy dead fish handshake? That won’t do for a successful AIL / NILICO Rep like you! Build your forearm strength and increase that hearty handshake when meeting with clients. How many potential/existing policyholders did you shake hands with this week? Let us know by posting on our wall and see how you compare!

How to do Hand Grip Squeezes:

Step 1 – Obtain a stress ball.

Step 2 – Take a stress ball in your hand (the one you shake hands with) and squeeze tight. (Go lefties!).

Step 3 – Do about 10 squeezes, rest, and then 10 more.

Step 4 – Apply this confident new grip when shaking hands with applicants.

*Note: For better business try not to break any of your clients’ hands.

Keep track of how many new handshakes you make this week. Try to beat what you usually do and strive for more. Don’t forget to pair that new handshake with direct eye contact and a smile! Post updates on AIL / NILICO’s Facebook fan page throughout the week and let us know how you’re doing. Videos and pictures (as long as they’re appropriate) are always welcome. So get out there with an unbeatable attitude and really show ‘em what you got!

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