Go The Distance With Agent Summer Body Workout – Week 2: Gas Pedal Calf Raises

American Income Life Agent Summer Body Workout - Week 2How is your Agent Summer Body Workout going? Are your biceps (and sales) improving?  Like any exercise program, it’s best to keep working at it so you can see real results. We hope you’re ready for the next set in your exercise regime. This week’s new exercise is Gas Pedal Calf Raises:

Shape up those calf muscles by going the distance to serve your clients.  How many miles did you log this week visiting potential / existing policyholders?  Share your progress by posting on our wall and let’s see who’s the REAL iron man / woman!

How to do Gas Pedal Calf Raises:

Step 1 – Get in your car and place your feet flat on the floor.

Step 2 – Put the car in Drive and with the heel of your right foot on the floor, raise the ball of your foot up so your toes are pointed upward.

Step 3 – Position your heel against the gas pedal and lower the top part of your foot. Now press down.  Soon you’ll be fast on your way to see your next prospect.

Step 4 – Apply this on your way to get more sales. Alternate between the brake and gas pedal for best results.

*Here’s a helpful hint: When applying this exercise in your car, please obey traffic laws.

Keep track of how many miles you clock visiting prospects or existing policyholders, and post updates throughout the week on AIL / NILICO’s Facebook fan page.  If you want to take pictures or video, upload them as well. Make your rivals jealous of your progress and the rewards that come with it.

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