Good Morning, American Income Life Leadership Academy Top Dogs

American Income Life Leadership Academy Top Dogs

Welcome to the Home Office, AILLA101 attendees. Grab some coffee, introduce yourself to a few new faces, and find your seat. We have a BIG day in store for you.

That’s right! At American Income Life, you’re a big shot and a top dog. So, we’re throwing you a bone!

The American Income Life Leadership Academy Experience

Get ready for Social Media giveaways, free food, great music, incredible networking, and the royal treatment. You’ve worked hard to get here. Now it’s time to be rewarded. So relax and soak in the experience. Here at AILLA101, life is anything but rough (or ‘ruff’ for those of you following this dog analogy).

So top dogs, let us know below what you’re most excited about at American Income Life’s Leadership Academy 101. We want to make this the experience of a lifetime so we want to hear from you!

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