Have a Stellar Time at American Income Life’s PR Global Meeting

American Income Life Public Relations Reps are storming the DFW Westin this week for a meeting of planetary proportions! That’s right, it’s time for the #PRGlobalMeeting! This is going to be the PR event of the 21st century so prepare for lift off.

To American Income Life’s PR Reps…

You’re the captain of your own career at American Income Life, and as the relationship builders of the Company, you impact the careers of countless others on the team as well. That’s why we’re bringing you in for top-notch training, networking, and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy being surrounded by your peers and the Company’s most notable leaders. And don’t forget to take some good notes – the knowledge being dropped at #PRGlobalMeeting is not to be forgotten!

Tell us in the comments: where do you hail from and which speaker are you looking forward to hearing from most?

Rocket with American Income Life's PR Global Meeting

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