Open The Door To Success With Agent Summer Body Workout – Week 4: Hammer Fist Knocks

American Income Life Agent Summer Body Workout - Week 2

We’re at week 4 of the Agent Summer Body Workout! Can you believe we’re more than halfway through? So far we’ve concentrated on calling, visiting, and closing with new clients. This week, let’s focus on referrals, a very important factor in the sales process. Of course, to refine that focus we have the new exercise of the week: Hammer Fist Knocks.

Strengthen those triceps by knocking on doors as you follow up on referrals and increase your number of leads. How many doors did you knock on this week? Post the number of referrals you visited on our wall!

What do you think will happen if, just for one week, you spend a little extra time focusing on referrals? You may be pleasantly surprised with the results!

Here’s a helpful tip: the Laptop Sales Presentation allows you to electronically collect these names and contact info while you’re in the prospect’s home.

Keep a running count of your referral visits and show us you’re a winner. Post your updates on AIL / NILICO’s Facebook fan page throughout the week. Remember, a little extra effort can make quite a bit of difference on a paycheck.

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