Taking Home the Bacon… and the Pearls of Wisdom from Leadership Academy

Wow! What a day! How did you enjoy yesterday?

How are you documenting what you are learning?

We think you guys are doing some awesome networking, reflection, and strategizing with the outstanding knowledge you’re getting and giving! We appreciate the twitter and blog-love and can’t wait to see what you have to say next!

The challenging part of bringing this knowledge back to your Agency is getting your peers as pumped up as you are. Keep in mind, they didn’t get to witness these powerful speakers, friendly new connections, and productivity-inducing energy drinks…



So we encourage you to take pictures and videos, to Tweet and Facebook and blog until your fingers are numb, and – of course– to keep taking notes like you have never taken notes before! Do your best to capture what you find invigorating at American Income Life’s Leadership Academy, and bring that spirit home.

We hope years from now, when you look back at your 101 notes, you’ll be instantly filled with that wonderful, energetic feeling we’ve seen in you!

How are you documenting what you’re learning and experiencing? Instagram? Facebook? A good ol’ pen and paper? Tell us below!

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