We Believe in American Income Life Leadership Academy

You’re heading to #AILLA101. You’re pumped full of energy. You’re a leader. And we believe in you!

Reasons We Believe in American Income Life Leadership Academy Grads:

1. You pretend you’re drinking water, but you can’t fool us … you’re all about the Red Bull.

Red Bull at American Income Life

2. You have some sweet moves (yeah … we know you can’t wait to bust out Cupid’s Shuffle).

Dancing at American Income Life

3. You rock the Suit and Tie.

4. You’re ready to score a pretty cool shirt (That It’s Time shirt is SO 2013).

American Income Life T-Shirt

5. The most important reason we believe in our #AILLA101 grads? You’re leaders.

American Income Life Leaders

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see all of our American Income Life Leadership Academy attendees tomorrow. Share this post if you’ll be there!

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