Welcome American Income Life Public Relations Leadership Academy

We have an excited group of Public Relations gurus at the American Income Life  Home Office in McKinney, TX, today! We’re stocked up on great food and fun activities. But what’s more – this gang of professionals will get the leadership training and networking experience of a lifetime.

So PR Leadership Academy Attendees, welcome to the Home Office. Be assured that you will go back to your fellow reps with energy, motivation, and the drive to lead. You play such a crucial role at American Income Life, and we can’t wait to see all the good you do after this exceptional professional training.Welcome to AIL's PR Leadership Academy

Make yourself at home and soak in all you can.  And be sure to let us know below what you hope to learn today at American Income Life Public Relations Leadership Academy!

About Gina Circelli

Gina Circelli is a contributor for American Income Life, National Income Life, and Liberty National Life. Google+

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