Welcome to American Income Life Leadership Academy 101

Welcome to American Income Life Leadership Academy

You did it! You’re part of American Income Life’s select few to be admitted into Leadership Academy 101! This is no easy feat, and we know you deserve to be rewarded. So, we’re giving you the networking, advising, fun-having, eating, tweeting, and dancing experience of a lifetime.

Top-notch speakers are preparing to share with you their most important tips for success.

And American Income Life is ready to provide you with the environment you need to learn from and network with some of the most powerful professionals in the insurance business.

But American Income Life’s Leadership Academy won’t simply be about insurance. We want you to take advantage of this time to develop a well-rounded perspective on business and sales. A live twitter-feed and blogging station will be available during breaks so you and everyone back home can see the awesomeness of… #AILLA101

Oh, did we mention there’s going to be some delicious food, energy drinks, desserts, beautiful sunshine, and free puppies? Ok, no free puppies, but it’s going to be a blast either way!

So, are you excited yet? Tell us what you hope to learn or achieve this week below.

(This blog in no way guarantees free puppies.)

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