3 Tips for American Income Life Leadership Academy Grads

It’s been 30 days since American Income Life Leadership Academy 101, so you’ve had some time to process everything you learned. Are you still feeling like a true leader? Have you talked to your SGA about setting goals that will take you to Leadership Academy 201? Just in case you need a reminder, SGA Chris Lussier is here to recap three key strategies to keep in mind as you move forward at American Income Life.

1. Build Your Team

Like the man said, your Agency’s growth should be your top priority as you transition into your new role at American Income Life. In addition to your sales objectives, you should be setting concrete goals for building your team. Ultimately, the American Income Life family will grow stronger as you offer opportunities to hard-working individuals.

2. Who’s Your Coach?

Think about that person in your life outside of American Income Life who keeps you motivated. Do you know who that is? Will their encouragement help you rise to the next level as a leader? Surrounding yourself with people who will help you succeed is of the utmost importance. Great leaders at American Income Life surround themselves with inspiring coaches.

3. Open Up Your Schedule

Flexibility is critical at American Income Life, and your schedule should reflect that. If you’re only devoting a small percentage of your work day to strengthening your Agency, then it’s time to make a change. Just dedicating one extra hour each day to building your team will add up to huge benefits for your career in the long run.

Make Your Next 30 Days Count

Take these words to heart and think about how your own Agency could benefit from what you learned at American Income Life Leadership Academy. Then get out there and prove you have what it takes to become a real leader! Put your new Social Media skills to use and tell us in the comment section below how you plan to follow SGA Chris Lussier’s advice.

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