Accountability and American Income Life Leadership Academy 201

A virtual high-five goes out to you, #AILLA101 grad! You graced and aced American Income Life’s Leadership Academy, an exclusive leadership development program for AIL and NILICO’s licensed insurance sales representatives ready to kick their careers into overdrive. And after only a month of implementing your newfound 101 knowledge, your sights are set on Leadership Academy 201.

You have big dreams and HUGE vision, but without an actionable plan and a sense of personal responsibility, you’ll find yourself sitting on the sidelines while your peers make a play for #AILLA201. Luckily, we brought in #AILLA101 coach and SGA David Hausman to share how staying on track for 201 requires maintaining accountability within your team.

American Income Life SGA David Hausman on Accountability


As Hausman notes, “A vision without accountability is a vision lost.” But with laser focus and a deep sense of responsibility, you won’t lose your vision. In fact, as you incorporate accountability as a staple in your leadership toolbox, you’ll begin to see your vision materialize as your team helps you construct it. That’s right – you’re not alone in building your dreams. Your burgeoning team has your back and will expedite your development into a top-level leader.

Now, ask yourself:  Am I the type of leader who will land a spot at #AILLA201? Share with us below why you think you have what it takes to advance your training to the next level.

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